As highlighted in the Marine Protected Areas Global Action Plan, Dan recognises the importance of connecting with as wide an audience as possible, using any mediums and technologies available, to help promote the message of marine protection.

To support this ongoing outreach campaign, in 2011 Dan teamed up with Andy Jeffrey to create “MPApps”, an initiative focussing on how new technologies, such as mobile phone applications, could be utilised to communicate and engage with both the MPA community and the wider general public. From this initiative the following smartphone apps have been developed and are available for download, with many more innovative ideas and solutions currently under consideration for future projects.

If you have any ideas for mobile apps or other new technology solutions that you think would benefit your organisation and/or the marine community and would like to discuss in more detail, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Marine World Heritage App Icon Marine World Heritage
Developed as a partnership between IUCN and the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme, this app showcases the marine sites that have been awarded the prestigious World Heritage status, enabling users to explore the sites through maps, images, facts and figures, specially selected articles, videos and website links. The app also features a section with background information (and related media) about the World Heritage Marine Programme, as well as the latest updates from the programme’s Facebook page.

This app was released in June 2012 to coincide with World Oceans Day for iPhone/iPad (iOS v4.0 or later).
Available on the App Store

Marine World Heritage App Screenshot Marine World Heritage App Screenshot
Sargasso Sea App Icon Conserving the Sargasso Sea
This app was developed for the Sargasso Sea Alliance to help raise awareness of the Sargasso Sea and the need to protect this vunerable and unique environment. The app features an interactive map of the study area, images and facts about the marine life found there, recent news updates from the alliance (sent as real-time “notifications” to users of the app) and information/links about the project and its partners.

The initial version of the app for iPhone/iPad was released in March 2013, followed by an Android version in October 2013.

Available on the App StoreAvailable on Google Play
Sargasso App Screenshot Sargasso App Screenshot